Unlock the full potential of Botanalytics’ real-time analytics in the enterprise

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On-Premise or Private Cloud

Now real-time conversational AI analytics is available on-premise or in your private cloud environment.

Data Control and Security

You have complete control over your data and can implement your own security measures. This level of control is vital for industries and businesses that handle sensitive and confidential information. Botanalytics integrates with your security protocols and ensures that data remains within the company's own infrastructure, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Customization and Integration

On-premise Botanalytics can be more customized to meet specific business needs. You have the flexibility of customized channel integrations handled by our support engineers. The high degree of customization and integration can lead to improved operational efficiency and streamlined processes.

Compliance and Legal Requirements

Some industries and organizations are subject to strict compliance and legal requirements that demand full control over their data and software infrastructure. With on-premise deployment, you maintain compliance with regulations by implementing your own security measures and maintaining data within their premises.